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March 7, 2013Dear Mr. Jarvis,I would like to take some time to explain to you how thankful I am for the people you employ at your company. First, please let me take a moment to give you a little background on my situation. In December 2011, there was a fire in my home in Lenox, Michigan. I was notified at work and rushed home as fast as I could. By the time I arrived, the fire had taken its toll and my two dogs, Lillian and Indiana, that I had raised for the last 10 years were taken from me along with almost all of my belongings. December 8th was the worst day of my entire life and I will never forget the pain and heartache I felt that day as I arrived at my home to see the windows broken in, the smoke billowing out and the charred rooms that were almost indistinguishable at that point and of course, nothing will ever compare to the pain I felt as the firemen carried my dogs out one after the other… I can’t begin to describe that feeling but I’m sure you and your employees see that often in your line of work.After the firemen left, I sat in my car waiting for someone to come board up my home. A little while later a Jarvis van arrived and that was my first encounter with one of your employees. Steve Tarczy pulled up and came over to my car. He offered so many kind words to put me as much at ease, as was possible, at the time. The next day I met with Nick Salchert. From the very beginning, Nick exuded a kindness that I will never forget. He assured me that Jarvis would take care of me and he told me nothing but the truth. Nick followed up with me throughout the process and I couldn’t have asked to be in better hands. Steve and Nick were the first people from your company that I came into contact with and they made me feel comfortable having Jarvis carry out the work that needed to be done with the insurance company as well as with my home. Over the next few weeks I met many of your employees, some I will never forget. Samantha LaMacchia and Justin Kaufman I met in the few days after the fire. They were so sympathetic about what had happened to my dogs and I still remember their kindness and hugs more than a year later. At that point I could barely function, so they worked with my mom to gather and salvage some of my belongings, even when the item we wanted saved was considered to most, a total loss. They took care of all of my treasured possessions that could have been lost forever. It may seem like those belongings are just superficial things, but those items were all I had left of my life here before. I only met with Matt Bajis and Shawn Quinn a couple times, but those few times I worked with them, they got exactly what I was looking for. I told them that I couldn’t bear to live in this house the same way it was before. I wouldn’t have been able to get the horrible images out of my head. I was so confident in their capabilities, even from just those few visits with them. They planned amazing things for my house and I can’t believe it’s as gorgeous as it is now, thanks to their visions and talent. I can’t even begin to imagine how much work Matt did behind the scenes dealing with my insurance company. This house has turned into a beautiful new home for me to make new memories in, because of them. Steve, Ron Gnesda, Greg Davies and Lorri Conley (among others) were always ready and willing to do anything they could to take care of us, each and every one of them. I can’t tell you how many times they offered a hand to help me (very pregnant) over tools or paint trays, boxes or building materials, asked about my new baby or genuinely asked how I was doing. They often worked late into the night getting the house ready for inspections or painting, just to make sure everything stayed on track. I’ve gotten so used to seeing all these guys out here every day out here that now, I miss them!Last, but not least, I wanted to tell you what amazing person Bobby Jarvis is and what an impact he has had on me. Over the last year, not only has Bobby given me a gorgeous home but he dealt with so many of my untimely personal obstacles and special requests along the way, that I’m amazed it was ever completed! He never once complained about our “unique” taste and always made whatever we wanted happen, on whatever time line he had. Beyond the business and project managing, which Bobby executed perfectly, he took my hand throughout this process and helped me put my life back together. I will forever consider Bobby not only an incredible person, but a friend whom I owe so much to and will never forget.

Thank you so much for employing the people you do and for listening to my story.

Liz Starkweather*

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