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November 21, 2009Mrs. Julia Yerkexxxx Torquay AvenueRoyal Oak, MI 48073Mr. Bill Jarvis41800 Executive DriveHarrison Twp., MI 48045-1309Dear Mr. Jarvis,We are fast approaching the first anniversary of the fire in our condo, and I will not let it arrive without setting ink to paper to formally thank you and your team for the phenomenal job done on our behalf. I am fully aware that we contracted with Jarvis to handle our needs after the fire, but your team went well beyond the contractual agreement.My Husband and I felt the Lord's hand over us during this whole experience. It so clearly explains Bob Kolodins presence in the neighborhood that evening picking up a pizza. Bob was wonderful. He offered assurance and suggestions without pressure.The night before as soon as we walked into the hotel room, we offered prayers of thanksgiving and asked for guidance. I'm sure you can imagine the state of mind we were in the next day. We had never imagined a fire and knew nothing of what needed to be done. He was confident, professional, helpful and understanding. He arranged for one of your teams to begin the packing process. If you've never had this experience, then you can only imagine the trauma of having complete strangers go through every one of your personal belongings. Somehow, Jarvis has employed personable, capable and empathic folks to do the job. Forgive me for not remembering all their names, because I want to recognize each of them; Justin, Carmella, Kristen, Joel and the others.It didn't end there. We moved into a nearby apartment and Christmas was approaching. The team can tell you how much they removed from our home, but they still were able to bring back to us the treasured Christmas recipes and appliances that allowed us to celebrate the holiday with some semblance of normalcy. If that gesture wasn't enough, they did it on a day with record snowfall! Your team is phenomenal!The story is not done, and this is where Jarvis really shines. With the quantity of our household belongings, we were under-insured. Your folks arranged for us to make 3 visits to the warehouse to sort through things so that we could reduce our cost to keep it within our insurance coverage. Dave (I hope I've remembered his name) spent time with us assisting during those visits. His input and assistance was very much appreciated.Ok, I'm not finished unpacking (If Arvie or Justin read this, they wont be surprised). During what I have accomplished so far though, what has impressed me is the quality of the packing. I have found a few things that were broken BUT, consider the volume! It's amazing, and I am so gratefully for each and every one of them and their efforts to reduce the trauma and protect our belongings.Throughout this experience, we've dealt with various vendors. Jarvis without reservation has been the STAR! As we approach this Thanksgiving season, it is extremely appropriate to express how thankful we are for everything your team did on our behalf. We will continue to pray that the Lord blesses each of you with health and happiness and that the Jarvis Construction & Painting company prospers!


The Yerke Family*



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