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To Whom It May Concern;On March 15, 2012 we had an F3 tornado rip through our neighborhood and our home suffered thousands of dollars in damage worth of repairs. Even though our home was still standing and in better condition than some of our neighbors it was devastating to us. Our home has always been a great place to live and raise a family but to us it really is the center of our world. It’s never been just a house; it has always been a home.We hired Jarvis Property Restoration Company and had the privilege of having Chris Martus as our Project Manager. His expertise in construction, management, professionalism and his meticulous attention to detail was exemplary. Our relationship with Chris was more of a partnership built on respect and honesty. I would really like to take this opportunity to thank Chris for all of his hard work and dedication to rebuilding our home with such incredibly thorough efficiency.All of the teams from the roofers, the siding teams and many more, we have had a great experience with all of them.There was one issue that we had, and that was with the interior walls. Jarvis sent Lori Conley, Steve Siwicki, and Greg Davies to repair the drywall, ceilings and paint. We are very happy and pleased to let anyone that will listen know of what a wonderful job this team did on our house. I would like to send an extra shout out to Lori for her impeccable craft of cutting in the lines from wall to ceiling. It takes a special gift and at times is a true art form. You really do have a gift Lori!During a time of natural disaster the pictures on television never really ring true to the damage that a tornado can bring. Its more than brick and mortar, as traumatic of an event that the actual tornado was, we had a silver lining. The silver lining was the relationships that we formed with the people at Jarvis. There have been some truly amazing people come into our lives and really care not only about what they do, but who they do it for. They are the Jarvis family and we will forever be grateful for everything that all of you have done for us.


Steven J. & Debra L. Haas*

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