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To The Folks of Jarvis:It's pretty hard to put into words what's taken place in the last nine months. An ordeal I wouldn't wish on anyone!In the early morning of June 24th I was awaken by sister saying my house was on fire. Upon arriving, it was already extinguished but the damage was extensive. Besides a few firemen the first person that I talked to was Doug Otis a professional persona and very caring person. Doug was there to help! For the first month of so Doug was the go-to-guy for me.After the first week Jarvis sent in a crew to sort through my personal stuff. Anthony, Chris, Matt & Justin kept me sane the next 2 ½ weeks. A great group of guys who understood my loss and helped me cope with the loss. They were very careful in the packaging and moving of the contents.Jeff See was the next person who worked with State Farm Insurance with respect to the insurance coverage. I didn't see him very often but that's ok. He was very thorough and did a great job dealing with State Farm. And then comes Steve Owens. This is a man who takes his job very seriously! From the moment Steve stepped on my property, he was ready to roll. The transformation that took place in the next six months is amazing. We worked together on many ideas and he took care of everything as needed. It's hard to describe watching my house change from start to finish. Throughout the whole time, Steve was constantly updating me with the work schedule and addressing any concerns I had. He made the project come together! As the project manager, Steve was very knowledgeable and personable. It has been very enjoyable working with Steve and his choice of crews including carpenters, electricians and painters. A job well done! Anyone who has seen my house is impressed by the quality of workmanshipOverall I am a very satisfied customer of Jarvis!

David A. Stachnik*



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