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On-site content cleaning and storage services:
  • Removal and pack out of affected contents
  • Complete inventory of property we remove
  • Professional cleaning
  • Complete dry out
  • Sanitizing services
  • Dry cleaning or steam cleaning
  • Ozone deodorization
  • Safe return of cleaned contents
  • Secure storage


Personal Property Restoration Services

Personal Property Restoration Services: Inspection & Disaster Repair | Jarvis - Personal-property-img

At Jarvis Property Restoration, we offer a wide variety of services necessary to prevent loss of personal and business contents due to unforeseen catastrophes. Our Personal Property Restoration division can inventory and clean your contents, clothing, furniture, business inventory, electronics, and more in our state of the art Contents Facility. Unlike most restoration firms, Jarvis is able to handle your entire loss start to finish.  We are your total disaster repair solution company, call us day or night to see why our Personal Property Restoration division is referred by insurance brokers and raving customers.
We have a large storage area within our warehouse specifically for the storage and drying of any personal and business content recovered. Jarvis Property Restoration prides itself in being one of the nation's leading providers of contents restoration and cleaning, following any type of property disaster (fire, water, storm) that impacts the contents of a home or business. Whether you had a small grease fire in your kitchen or your business suffered from a burst pipe, we are the best team to get your contents cleaned and restored.


Our Contents Cleaning Method

Personal Property Restoration Services: Inspection & Disaster Repair | Jarvis - restoration-1Our restoration technicians clean the personal contents at the same time as the structural cleaning. When issues arise, such as instability of the structure or the need for more specialized cleaning techniques, the customer’s contents are moved and cleaned at an off-site facility.

Jarvis restoration technicians rely on many proven methods to clean and restore contents including furniture, electronics, china, dinnerware, books, photographs and most items in a home. We take great care to clean items by recommended cleaning methods to ensure items are returned to pre-loss condition.


Before joining our team, our technicians must complete training on use of the ultrasonic machine, as well as the use of chemicals and cleaners on hard and soft goods. We use many different tools in the cleaning process including dry cleaning sponges, ultrasonic machines and specially designed industrial chemicals and cleaners. Safety for our crew and preservation of your contents are the top priorities.

What is Ozone Deodorization?

Personal Property Restoration Services: Inspection & Disaster Repair | Jarvis - ozone

Ozone deodorization is extremely effective for more serious odor. This is the primary method for clothing, upholstered items, papers, books or any other porous material affected by an odor. The machine takes oxygen out of the air (O2), charges it electrically and turns it into Ozone (O3). Ozone is highly reactive and combines with malodor molecules to chemically alter their structure and rid the property of odor.
Since ozone has the ability to penetrate into fabrics and surfaces to the same extent that the odor did, it is the most effective means of long-range deodorization and it is permanent. There is no residual odor from the process itself and no damage to the property. Ozone also kills bacteria and fungi and works as a sanitizing agent. It is a permanent method – once the item is deodorized, the odor cannot and will not return. With Jarvis, your contents restoration ends with Ozone Deodorization


Homeowner Tips for Disaster Cleanup:

  • Never plug in damaged electronic equipment.

  • Smoke and soot damage contains carbon which is extremely damaging when inhaled, so avoid trips into your home without the appropriate safety material.

  • Contact Jarvis at 866-452-7847 to have your property boarded up and avoid additional damage or potential theft.

  • Avoid cleaning damage areas with household cleaners as this has the potential to do additional harm.

  • Keep valuable paper documents in a fire/waterproof safe.


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