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Our fire and smoke damage services include:
  • Commercial & Residential
  • Emergency board up
  • Contents cleaning and deodorizing
  • Securing the site
  • Water extraction and dry out
  • Air movers and scrubbers
  • Temporary roof and wall repairs
  • Negotiate with your insurance
  • Sample Check

Fire Damage Restoration and Repair

Fire Damage Restoration: Inspections & Repairs | Jarvis Property Restoration - fire-damage-cleanupWith more than 35 years experience restoring property damaged by fire and smoke, Jarvis Property Restoration is the first choice of homeowners and commercial business operators for disaster recovery. We provide 24-hour emergency service for residential, industrial, and commercial properties. 



Jarvis can be on-site within 60 minutes after a fire.

Whether your damaged property requires a simple board up or you have a large commercial loss, Jarvis has the equipment and expertise necessary to assist you through the restoration process. We will assess the damage, provide temporary repairs to make your structure safe, and work with your insurance company to make restoration as smooth as possible. In addition to our emergency services, we have a full-service construction department to work with you and your insurance company to restore your partial or total property loss.

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What to Expect from the Jarvis Fire Restoration Team

Immediate emergency assessment of property structure, electrical and plumbing.

Fire Damage Restoration: Inspections & Repairs | Jarvis Property Restoration - fire_loss_board_upWe evaluate direct fire damage caused by burning.

Areas that have been burned often require complete removal. If all or part of your property has been burned or charred, including furniture, wood, drywall, flooring, or fixtures, these items are not likely to be salvageable. After a thorough evaluation, Jarvis will advise you if that is the case.



We evaluate direct fire damage caused by heat.

Property that was not directly involved in the fire may sustain damage from the heat of the fire. Some examples of items that may require repairs are your roof, electrical wiring, plumbing fixtures, carpet, and drywall.

We evaluate fire damage caused by smoke.

Property damaged by smoke and soot is often the largest issue that requires professional restoration. Smoke and soot can get into areas of your carpet, rug, drywall, and other porous materials and will require expert cleaning through utilization of special ozone or vaportek technology to extract soot and smoke from your property.

We evaluate the property for water or chemical damage caused by the extinguishment process.

In order to put out a fire, the extinguishing process used may cause additional damage to your property. Depending on the type of fire and the method used to extinguish the flames, water extraction and drying procedures may be required to properly restore your property.

We help you implement a restoration strategy. 

Whether you need an emergency board up, water removal, air purification or complete reconstruction, Jarvis can help. Call 866-452-7847 for a post fire property assessment.

Jarvis is a full service restoration company that can handle cleaning, repairing, and restoring your property after a full property fire, a partial fire, or smoke and soot damage.

Fire Damage Restoration: Inspections & Repairs | Jarvis Property Restoration - fire_loss_residentialWhat to Do After a Fire

  • Call Jarvis immediately at 866-452-7847 for an emergency board up of your property and a damage assessment. Your insurance company requires you take immediate action to attempt to mitigate damages to your home.
  • Call your insurance company to verify or explain your coverage.
  • Open all windows and doors to allow the property to begin to vent the smoke and dry out.
  • Do not turn on your electricity until your property has been inspected by a professional.
  • Do not disturb the area around the fire source or move items, as this often will need to be investigated by your insurance company and the local fire department.
  • Do not clean, wipe or attempt to wash fire residue from walls, ceilings or other absorbent surfaces as this can cause additional damage to these areas.


Fire Damage Restoration: Inspections & Repairs | Jarvis Property Restoration - jWhen fire sweeps through your home or building, call the fire department, call your insurance, then call Jarvis- 866-452-7847. We’ll keep your contents safe, and secure the damaged site quickly and professionally.

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