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What Are The Most Common Water Damage Questions?

Originally posted on 06/13/2017

A home has been stripped of carpeting and industrial fans are running to help restore a home after flooding and storm water damage.Water damage is not only costly but also dangerous. Most people, however, have no idea what to do when water damage happens. We get some common questions about water damage and water restoration. Let's go through some of the most common water damage questions we have gotten over the years and our best answers to your questions. 

What Should I do After Experiencing Water Damage?

Water damage to your home is an emergency, and you should keep calm. The first step will be to call a water damage restoration company that you trust or whose recommendation you trust. Ensuring the safety of family members, checking all hazards e.g. electricity, and getting out of the premises are primary.

What Does A Water Damage Restoration Company Do?

A water damage restoration company will assess the danger the water possesses. This assessment includes the threat to the home and the well-being of the residents of the house. The water causing the damage may have disease-causing agents, and the company will advise you accordingly.

Will my Insurance Company Cover the Damage?

The type of protection you get will be dependent on the insurance policy you took out. Typically water damage caused by burst pipes or machinery malfunction will be covered. In the case of natural causes of water damage such as floods, different insurance policies will be required. You can purchase an insurance policy that covers both or two separate policies.

What Are The Potential Health Hazards?

There are plenty of serious infections that you may contract as a result of water damage. With the advent of mold within a few days, respiratory diseases such as bronchitis and pneumonia are possible. Other diseases such as Weil’s disease, gastroenteritis, and tetanus are also possible.

Why Should I Hire Professionals?

Although you may be a DIY person, in the case of water damage, professional help is advised regardless of how qualified you may think you are. Given the health hazards that are possible in such a scenario, a mistake could be too costly to bear. Professionals will also be more efficient and conclusive in their work.

Work with Professional Water Restoration Contractors

There is a lot to know about water restoration after a storm or flood. Take care of what you can on your own, then call in the pros at Jarvis Construction to complete your project with the highest quality. If you're looking for restoration equipment or storm damage repairs, contact the team at Jarvis Property Restoration today.

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