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The Necessary Steps to Prepare to Demolish Your Home's Garage

Leftover materials from demolishing a residential garage.Like a puzzle, a garage is more challenging to put together than it is to take down, but garage demolition is no easy task. Here at Jarvis Construction, we have seen and performed many demolitions in our 40 years of experience. We are proud of our work and are ready to jump in to help you with any of your home renovation projects. For the avid DIYers, we’ll pass along some of the things we’ve picked up in our experience. 

If you have a small crew of people you trust, demolishing a garage is a possible DIY project - if done safely. Approach the task prepared to do a big job then work from the top of the roof to the base studs and joist framing materials. This flow will be the most efficient and safe for your group. Make sure to keep recyclable materials while sorting through the debris you create through the demolition process. 

The following section will go through the preparation steps you and your crew should take to get ready to demolish your residential home’s garage.

Preparation for Your Garage's Demolition

  1. Cost - Your out of pocket costs can range from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand. The complexity of your structure will raise the costs all around. The more experienced your crew is, the more they will probably cost, but the fewer safety hazards you will have. 

  2. Permits - In most states, a permit is necessary if you will be building, renovating, or demolishing any structures on your property. Some cities may have different requirements. Make sure to check in with your city before starting your project. 

  3. Dumpster - One of the overhead costs you will have, whether working with a construction professional or doing the project all on your own is the cost of one or more dumpsters. Make sure to order your dumpster ahead of time so you will have it where you need it when you need it. With that, make sure you have proper access to your garage’s location and enough space for the dumpster to be near enough to be as useful as possible. 

Jarvis Property Restoration has been in the construction and specifically the disaster recovery and restoration business since 1979. For professional help demolishing your garage done by experienced workers, give us a call at 866-452-7847. We do 24/7 emergency work as well!

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