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Steps to Take to Prepare Your Home and Family for Flooding in Michigan

The spring and summer rains are here, so it is a great time to check in on your emergency preparation. We can’t control the weather, but we can set up our homes and families to get through the storm with as little problem as possible. Keep reading to learn about our recommendations for flood preparation based on our years of experience and government guidelines.

Get Flood Insurance

Both Florida and Michigan are full of floodplains - areas that often flood due to how close they are to standing water and where they sit on the water table. Even if you live outside these states, flood insurance is necessary if you live in a flood-prone location. Make sure to check with a few local companies to get the best coverage.

Home Essentials

Your basement is the first stop for home defense against flooding. Start by checking if your sump pump works; store valuables safely; and elevate your water heater, furnace or boiler, and electric panel. The more often you clear debris from your gutters and drains, the fewer problems you will experience. also suggests you do the following:

  • Store documents in waterproof containers
  • Take pictures of the inside and outside of your house
  • Learn how to turn off the electricity and gas lines
  • Stock up on a three-day supply of water

Plan and Practice Your Evacuation Procedure

Hopefully, your area will never need to evacuate, but it is a FEMA recommendation and is always good to have as a backup plan. Find out your community’s flood evacuation plan then map out your route. If you will leave your area by car, stock up with water and spare clothes always on hand so you will be ready. The point of this plan is to do the prep work ahead of time to avoid any confusion during a crisis.

Communication Plan

Again, avoid confusion during a crisis by planning with your loved ones. Write down important phone numbers and leave them in a central place, possibly on the refrigerator. Set up a meeting place in case you get separated.

Since 1979, Jarvis Construction has provided disaster protection and relief for families and businesses. Our professional team is available 24/7 to resolve any issues quickly. Give us a call at 866-452-7847 today to help protect your property from destruction.


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