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Polar Vortex To Plunge Michigan Wind Chill Temperatures To Lowest Levels In Twenty Years

polar vortex aims at Michigan

Extreme cold weather is on the doorstep and will be arriving throughout the Midwest on Tuesday evening. The latest polar vortex will drop temperatures to freezing or below freezing for over fifty-percent of the country. The coldest temperatures are set to hit the Midwest, with Minnesota facing the possibility of temperatures upwards of sixty below including the windchill. The historically low temperatures are being influenced by a shift in the atmosphere which is bringing cold air from the artic through Canada and into the United States. Large urban areas including Minneapolis, Milwaukee and Chicago could be facing temperatures below zero for the next several days. The substantial drop in temperatures is certain to cause havoc for property owners and the transportation industry. The extreme weather is certain to cause a substantial amount of home emergencies, including frozen, broken and burst pipes, which can cause substantial amounts of water damage in a short period of time. In addition to pipes, fire suppression systems and sprinkler lines inside of commercial and multi-family properties are often susceptible to breaking do to the extreme weather conditions.

Polar Vortex To Plunge Michigan Wind Chill Temperatures To Lowest Levels In Twenty Years - Review our news, articles and insight  - JarvisFlooding

Jarvis Property Restoration, a Michigan based disaster recovery company will be pulling in resources from offices out of state to help ensure that all property owners who suffer from issues caused by the polar vortex are handled. In addition, Jarvis is working with dozens of restoration companies who will be traveling into the region to help coordinate services, including water damage restoration, emergency power, temporary heat and smoke/fire damage restoration. Celebrating it's 40th year in business, Jarvis has multiple offices located throughout Michigan, including Petoskey, Harrison Township and Grand Blanc to ensure a quick response to any size property loss.

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