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Jarvis Storm Team Prepares For Hurricane Florence Impact On Virginia and North Carolina


Hurricane Florence


Hurricane Florence is likely to arrive Friday morning in North Carolina and has the potential to be a category 4 storm that could create a path of damage over 100 miles wide and bring historical flooding into several states. The storm has the potential to be the strongest hurricane to impact the region in over twenty years. 

hurricane response to Florence


Jarvis Property Restoration has been helping property owners recover from storm disasters for almost 40 years. The company, headquartered in the Detroit Michigan area has helped thousands of businesses and multi-family property owners recover from past Hurricanes including Sandy, Irma and Wilma. In preparation of Hurricane Florence, the disaster recovery team from Jarvis is strategically staging recovery equipment including large desiccant dehumidifiers from 5000 to 15,000 CFM and dozens of commercial grade generators up to 400kw. Jarvis will have hundreds of first responders available to begin the recovery process of restoring properties that have been impacted by wind or water damage once it is safe to begin evaluating properties.


Commercial and multi-family property owners are encouraged to contact Jarvis this week to be placed on a priority response list. If you manage a commercial property, school, medical center or multi-unit property and would like to learn more about Jarvis' rapid response program, you can call 866-452-7847.

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