Importance Of Having A Fire Safety Plan For Your Home

According to fire experts, you have less than 120 seconds to get out of a building that is on fire and you are inside. This little amount of time could be the only time you have to save yourself and your family's lives. Panic sets in as fast as the fire spreads, but with proper preparation, any individual could survive a fire. How safe your building is and how much fire safety training you have implemented counts. Experts advice that every home should have a fire safety plan and members of a building and home should be aware of that program.

Drills and more drills!

It is easier to evacuate a building when everyone is aware of the emergency response procedure. Awareness means knowing all the emergency exits and following the procedure. The Ontario National Fire Code divides every building into a fire safety plan group. This policy sets out the recommended emergency exits and safety equipment for every class. Not all buildings require a mandatory emergency fire plan, but making one for your home is a smart move. Regular drills conducted by the building owners to guide the occupants on the evacuation procedure. Signs showing the emergency exit and the appropriate place to assemble outside the building is mandatory. This training eliminates panic from tenants, saves time, and lives.

Proper Maintenance of Safety Equipment

Checking on the safety equipment in your home is an important part of emergency planning. Smoke alarms can give you a two-minute head start in your evacuation procedure. When a smoke detector alarm is faulty, you don't get a warning. Since asphyxiation is the number one cause of death, your chances of survival diminish. Keeping your smoke detectors and other carbon-monoxide alarms regularly serviced, inspecting fire extinguishers, sprinkler systems, and fire alarms are all part of the safety plan. Training members of the household on how to use the fire extinguisher or call 9-1-1 is an essential element of the training. Ensure that the exit lights are lit in the event of a fire because smoke clouds your vision.

Prevention is best

Buying an insurance plan for your home helps in restoring your property in case of fire. Enlisting the services of a certified fire protection company assists in the maintenance of your safety equipment.

In the event of a fire emergency, a restoration company may be needed. If you or someone you know needs an emergency restoration service, contact the team at Jarvis Property Restoration today. We are the go to Farmington Hills disaster cleanup and fire damage repair company. 

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