How to Make a Family Disaster Plan

Preparing for the worst situations is very important. For families, one situation that needs to be prepared for is a natural disaster. To ensure that everyone is properly prepared, it would be beneficial to create a family disaster plan. There are several components that need to be included in an family disaster plan.

Determine a Meeting Place

When you are creating a family disaster plan you first need to determine a good meeting and gathering place. When a natural disaster is occurring, your family members should all meet in the same place, which should vary based on the type of disaster. For a fire in your home, a good place would be to meet across the street. For a tornado or hurricane, it would make more sense to meet in your basement or secure room in your home. 

Create Alternative Exit Strategies

When preparing a family disaster plan it would also be a good idea to figure out ways to get out of the home. If your home catches fire there is a chance that the main stairwell is blocked. To protect against this risk, it would be a good idea to place an emergency ladder in all bedrooms. This can make it easy to get out of the home safely during a fire. 

Have Preparation Supplies

A full family disaster plan also needs to ensure that you have the supplies necessary for a disaster. This includes having fully functional smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, having flashlights with batteries stored around the home, and having water and non-perishable food stored in the home gathering place.

In conclusion, preparing for natural disasters is an important responsibility that all people share. To ensure you are prepared for the worst, it would be a good idea to build a family disaster plan. If you or someone you know needs a disaster restoration, contact the team at Jarvis Property Restoration today, from fire damage to flood cleanup– we can help. We are the Farmington Hills disaster cleanup company that can help restore your property after a disaster. 

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