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Frozen pipes can quickly create large scale water damage disasters

Frozen pipes are one of the largest problems homeowners face when facing sub zero temperatures.The past week in the Michigan and Midwest region has not been kind to homeowners or property managers as they face a number of new challenges in trying to maintain their properties and avoid water damage catastrophes. Freezing temperatures can quickly create challenges to properties that are left vacant or unattended and have not been properly winterized. Homeowners who may have left town to visit family for the holidays are often the scenarios where the worst damage arises. A small pipe leak that is left undetected can lead to hundreds of gallons of water being displaced in a property. Frozen pipes can quickly turn a small problem into a large scale disaster. Many properties have multi stories and this will only add to the potential for a large water damage problem.

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There are a number of preventative actions property owners can take to help reduce the potential for water damage from a broken pipe in their homes: Review and inspect all plumbing for signs of decay Keep your home temperatures above 50 degrees, even when the property remains vacant Winterize your home if left unattended for extended periods Turn off your homes water valve Have a buddy system where someone checks your home when you are out of town for extended periods Open a faucet to allow water to continually move if you lose your heating source Frozen pipes can be thawed with a blow dryer, never use an open flame source such as a lighter or blow torch Contact a restoration firm at the first signs of water damage to help minimize the damage and reduce the possibility of mold growth. Home flooding and water damage is very common from November through July for homes located in the Midwest. Severe weather changes can quickly break down your homes defenses and leave you scrambling to cleanup and repair. Proactively maintaining your property is a great way to help reduce this possibility. Consider having a professional home improvement contractor or inspector analyze your property if you are unsure of the potential problem areas that should be addressed.
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