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Don’t Forget These Steps in Recovering Your Business From An Unexpected Disaster

Don’t Forget These Steps in Recovering Your Business From An Unexpected Disaster - Review our news, articles and insight  - JarvisFlooding

Disasters can leave people with more destruction than options to move forward. As a business owner, you need to consider your home and your company’s property. If your building has intense water damage from a broken pipe, suffered from an unexpected fire or been impacted by a major storm, there is hope for your property. Follow our recovery tips below to get your business back into working order. 

Safety First

No matter what, safety needs to be the #1 priority. There may still be dangers, even if the water and disappeared and the smoke has cleared out.  Electrical hazards, gas leaks, and dirty water are just a few things that might cause you more trouble after the original storm. Make sure an inspector checks out your structure before you head back inside. 


Now, let’s go through the steps to getting your business running again after an unexpected disaster. 

1. Get in touch with your insurance company

As soon as you can, start filing the claim with your insurance company. This process can take a long time (and a lot of patience), so make sure to get going with it quickly. You can get back to them later with missing details, but it is important to start the process quickly.

2. Don’t forget your gear

Though your building might still be standing, it may have taken some intense hurt. There will be broken glass, nails, debris, and more could be hiding in there. If you need to access the property, be sure to do a walk through with a professional and make sure to wear protective gear to keep yourself safe during cleanup. Closed-toed shoes and gloves are necessities, waders are also a good idea. Keep all injuries such as scratches and cuts covered. 

3. Check out the damage

Take pictures and detailed notes of the damage as you go through your building - this documentation may help with the insurance claim. Spend some time with your support team and identify any critical items that will be necessary to access or restore quickly to assist with your business continuity. 

4. Save what you can

Take the undamaged or repairable items and materials to a safe location. Get rid of as much debris as you can in a safe way. Fix small things, but make sure not to stretch yourself too thin. Ask for help whenever you feel the need.

5. Partner with the right disaster recovery company 

Though your business may have been devastated, it can return to its old glory. Rebuild your business with a company that has the experience and understands the complexity of restoring homes impacted by catastrophes. Here at Jarvis Construction, we have helped business in Michigan and around the country recover from the worst nature has thrown at us since 1979! We are here 24/7 to serve you best. 


Give the team at Jarvis Construction a call today at (866) 452-7847 to take the first step in rebuilding your business.


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