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Coronavirus Cleaning Professionals in Florida and Michigan

A cleaning technician wearing a hazardous materials suit does a deep cleaning of a workspace using industry-level equipment.A lot has changed since the COVID-19 pandemic began. Since the virus became more serious in February, businesses have had to shift to accommodate stay at home guidelines in both Michigan and Florida. Many industries have had to take a different approach to their service or product delivery plan, while others have needed to close their doors. Jarvis Property Restoration is here to help your business move forward.

Expert Cleaning for Coronavirus Protection

Jarvis Property Restoration is still in business and here to help you. We are classified as an “essential business.” This means that we will remain open so we can help other businesses maintain a safe environment. Our emergency services are available right now for you. We can come to your business to clean it thoroughly. This cleaning service will help protect you, your employees, and your customers or clients. 

Jarvis is Ready to Cleanup the Coronavirus at Your Property

  • Our team follows the strict policies of the IICRC
  • We are discrete about our service to protect your reputation
  • We have been in the disaster recovery business since 1979
  • Our trained staff and quality equipment ensure the most thorough cleaning of your property

We are here to help you ensure the safety of everyone who visits your property. 

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