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Basics Of Flood Damage In Your Home

Flood damage is one of the most common ways homes and other buildings can sustain major damage. What makes flood damage especially dangerous is that the damage to the structure may not be obvious at first as with fire or a natural disaster.

The Dangers of Flood Damage

Flooding can sometimes come and go, leaving behind hidden saturated structures that can silently rot away unnoticed. This can result in electrical damage, the development of dangerous black mold blooms, and a loss of structural integrity which can lead to a dramatic structural failure. Of course, while the water is still standing, anyone in the building may be at risk of electrocution.

Make sure your house has been cleared and deemed safe by the proper authorities before returning to a flood-damaged home.

Filing a Claim

Once your home has been declared safe to enter, you should contact your insurance provider as soon as possible. Many insurance companies work on a first come, first served basis. So it is important to act quickly.

First, avoid using the words ‘flood damage.’ Many insurance companies do not cover flood damage and will use this phase to deny coverage even if the flooding was caused by events that are actually covered. Natural disasters, for example, can result in flooding, but it is the ‘acts of god’ coverage that needs to be invoked. So, avoid mentioning flood damage until after the insurance adjuster has reformed an inspection.

Now, you should prepare for the adjuster’s visit by documenting the damage as fully and completely as possible. Gather up any and all relevant receipts you may have. Make an itemized list of everything that has been damaged. Also, it would be wise to make a complete photographic record of the damage. The easiest way to do this is to use the video function on your mobile phone to make a video recording of all the damage and record a verbal account while taking the video.

After meeting with the adjuster, obtain estimates for repair services from licensed contractors and provide copies to your insurer.

Once the repairs are complete, if you did not receive sufficient compensation for your losses, talk to your insurance provider about changing your coverage.

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