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3 Types Of Fire Smoke And Residues

Fire smoke and residue damage is a perennial problem that occurs in your home. Typically there are three major types of fire hazards that leave smoke and residues

Burning of Man-made or Synthetic Materials

This happens when hydrocarbon (HC) based materials such as Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC), Plastics, fabrics are burned, and essentially these can be very - wide window coverings, furniture, carpets, and electronics. The burning of synthetic material will be accompanied by thick black smoke. This, in turn, would leave behind a smeary residue. This is not very easy to clean, and it calls for an expert to do a professional cleaning. The process used is vacuuming followed by dry-chemo sponge cleaning.

Burning of Protein Rich Substances

The burning of proteins such as meats, beans, etc., altogether produces a different smear. The smear would appear as dark patches or yellowish brown. The sticky nature makes the situation bit repulsive. A good fire cleaning chemical would take care of most of the cleaning. Over doing with the chemical, is not recommended though. However, a professional cleaner would know the correct proportion, soaking time frame and the best process for making the cleaning impeccable and bring back the old glory back.

Burning of Natural Substances

The dirt, smear and smoke formed by wood, paper, natural rubber, leather, etc. will appear as a dry powdery residue that is greyish-black in color. These residues are comparatively easy to tackle. Wire brushing, soap, vacuuming and dry-chemo cleaning would make things as good as new.

After diagnosing the source of the damages, you can use your discretion in solving the problem. While trying to clean you are to make sure that the smears are not worsened. The restoration requires careful planning. The smoke emanating can create untold damages on upper floors as well as hot air always travel upward. Even the odor caused by fire and smoke would linger for long or period.

Soot from fires can come in several forms. Dry Smoke Residue, Wet Smoke Residue, and Fire Extinguisher Residue as well. If you have smoke damage and need help, contact the team at Jarvis Property Restoration today. From smoke damage cleanup to flood damage services, we can help.

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