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Professional Carpet Cleaning in Bonita Springs FL

Call Jarvis For Carpet Cleaning in Bonita Springs FL - Great Service at Affordable Prices - KidApproved_CleanCarpets Jarvis is a local company serving property owners throughout Southwest Florida. Founded in 1979, Jarvis has built it's reputation on providing great service to commercial and residential customers one at a time for forty years. Jarvis provides an extensive range of service for property owners including professional carpet and tile cleaning services. Our friendly technicians are certified by the IICRC and wear uniforms. We work with a variety of property owners in the area and routinely provide carpet cleaning for commercial businesses, office, condos and residential homeowners. Call (239) 405-7055 to schedule service today.

Our Process Involves

  • Identifying and delivering the proper cleaning method. Each carpet types (wool, fiber, cotton) require a different solution to deliver the best results.
  • Steam Cleaning Hot waters and cleaning chemicals are combined are combined to effectively dislodge stains and particles in the carpets fiber.
  • Dry Cleaning -- If you have wool carpet or dislike having a water based cleaning method, then we would utilize a dry cleaning process to thoroughly clean your carpet.
  • Staining -- Review problematic or discolored areas for re-coloring

Homeowner Tips

  • Vacuum your home two to three times per week with a high energy air filtered vacuum (hepa)
  • Address stains and spills promptly. Blot out excess liquid, but avoid rubbing a stain in a circular motion as this potentially could further embed the stain in the carpeting
  • Consider having problem areas died or re-colored versus total carpet replacement
  • Have your carpets professionally cleaned a minimum of two times per year

Call Jarvis at (239) 405-7055 for the best carpet and tile cleaning service in Southwest Florida

At Jarvis, we proudly service:

  • Residential homes
  • Multi-Family Properties homes
  • Condos and High Rise Properties
  • Commercial and industrial properties

As you know, I had a fire Friday night at the Pearl Restaurant. However, this is not the first disaster we have gone through. We went thru the 2004 hurricanes and had to deal with several disaster companies. By far, your company has surpassed all others in their professionalism, dedication and efficiency.*

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