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24/7 Commercial Property Restoration and Disaster Recovery

24/7 Commercial Property Restoration: Disaster Recovery | Jarvis Property Restoration - dehuJarvis Property Restoration recognizes the importance of minimizing business interruption while working to safely restore your property to all necessary code requirements. We are licensed, bonded, insured (seven million dollars of coverage) and members of the Better Business Bureau. If your commercial property has suffered damage from a fire, flood, mold, smoke or water damage disaster we can respond immediately to begin developing a recovery plan. 


A commercial property catastrophe requires professional response and disaster recovery expertise. Our teams of IICRC cleaning technicians and certified contractors have worked extensively with government buildings, hotels, hospitals, retail stores, apartment complexes and manufacturing facilities to quickly clean and repair these properties following an unexpected disaster. 


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24/7 Commercial Property Restoration: Disaster Recovery | Jarvis Property Restoration - County_BldgDisaster Planning

Is your business prepared in the event of fire, storm, or electrical outage? Call Jarvis for information on the importance of securing a team and having a plan of action in the event of an unexpected disaster. Having Jarvis on your team of first responders will make recovery faster and smoother.

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24/7 Commercial Property Restoration: Disaster Recovery | Jarvis Property Restoration - Removing_wet_business_personal_property

Content and Document Restoration

Jarvis will remove, clean and restore your contents in their safe, secure warehouse. Almost all cleanups will require some type of document restoration. Paper deteriorates quickly while wet, so an immediate assessment of damages will help save your important papers.

We use special cleaning and drying chambers to help prevent mold growth, paper separation, and other potential damage. We can save most critical materials such as x-rays, microfilm and other A/V materials using state-of-the-art freeze drying as well as standard dehumidification drying and restoration.



24/7 Commercial Property Restoration: Disaster Recovery | Jarvis Property Restoration - storm9

Natural Disaster Cleanup and Repair

We work 24/7, coast to coast, on any size disaster. We maintain one of the largest fleets of emergency response vehicles, commercial grade generators and house millions of dollars of restoration equipment. We've worked extensively in FEMA disaster zones like hurricane repairs in Florida and Texas, and flooding disasters in Iowa and Rhode Island. 

We have tremendous experience and can respond to any size property disaster. One of our greatest achievements was coordinating 1600 workers to clean and repair 28 government buildings from extensive flood damage in Cedar Rapids in the summer of 2008.

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