Strong Winds And Sharp Temperature Drop Greet Midwest Residents

The winter weather roller coaster resumed on Tuesday as temperatures dipped upwards of twenty degrees in cities like Detroit as a new cold front pushed its way across the state. The new system is bringing some isolated snow storms and large wind gusts, which could catch thousands of people off guard who left for work in the morning with mild weather and rain. The sudden dip with temperatures will remind everyone that winter is not officially over and the potential for snowfall and freezing cold temps will last for the next several weeks. The forecast for this week will likely include a drop into the single digits on Thursday, which may lead to another round of frozen pipe issues. This winter has certainly not been as mild as 2012, which barely saw temperatures dip below thirty degrees and saw weeks of record temps in the months of March.The Jarvis team has been staying busy with repairs from ice and water damage caused by the previous drop in temperatures and will be on high alert for potential power outages and shingle/roof damages caused by the wind gusts from today's weather change. Severe weather fluctuations is one of the leading causes of property damage disasters as it pushes a homes mechanicals to the extreme. While the Midwest area has avoided many of the years worst storms, which have primarily targeted the East Coast, many cities have experienced record low temperatures including Minneapolis, which saw temperatures near thirty degrees below zero in January. The extreme cold weather is not only a challenge for houses, but is extremely taxing on your vehicle. The cold weather can drain your battery, making it difficult to start your car and potentially leaving you stranded at the worst of times. The best advice for dealing with the cold weather (other than moving south) is to continually inspect things that could fall victim to the cold and identify small problems before they grow into larger problems.

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