Preparing For And Preventing Storm Damage For Your Home

Unfortunately, there is a risk of severe storms of some type all year round. However, there are several ways you can prepare your home and prevent the risk of storm damage. Whether you are concerned about snow storms or tornados, here are some steps you can take to minimize the risk of damages to your home in case of severe weather.

Secure Inside & Outside Items

If you have advance notice of an upcoming storm, loose items, such as lawn furniture, grills and picnic tables should be brought inside to avoid the risk of them becoming projecting in heavy winds. All items outside of your home, including decorations, can cause significant damage to your house should they be caught in the wind. Inside furniture, such as bookcases and other top heavy items should be secured to ensure they don’t easily fall over, which can damage the walls, floors or even cause bodily injuries.

Maintain Yard and Trees

It is important to make sure the yard is clean and free from objects that can be thrown around in a storm. Garden tools, toys and decorations could be easily tossed around if there is heavy wind, which can damage windows and other parts of your home. It is also essential to keep trees trimmed and dead branches removed. Regularly trimming the trees will reduce the risk of branches falling on your home, vehicles or people.

Roof, Gutters and Drains

The easiest way to prevent flood damage is to routinely inspect the roof, gutters and drains around your home. Make sure the gutters are clogged or loose and check the roof to make sure all shingles are securely in place. The drains should also be routinely inspected for clogs, which can back into the house and cause significant damage.

In areas where you frequently experience severe weather, such as hurricane and tornado prone areas, it is recommended that you consider installing windows that specifically made to withstand storm-level impact and pressure. In many cases, taking the time to do a few easy preventive measures can mean the difference between expensive home repairs and body injuries to no storm damages at all to your home.

Storm damage is not something that should be handled lightly, if you're looking for a Farmington Hills Disaster Cleanup company, contact Jarvis Property Restoration today. From storm damage to fire damage repair, we can help. 

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