New Winter Storm Could Bring Significant Snowfall To Michigan and Midwest

Just as the Central part of the United States finished dealing with winter storms Dion and Cleon, another wintry blast is moving its way through the eastern portion this weekend. Winter Storm Electra is bound to hit the eastern seaboard and Midwest starting on Saturday. Up to 12 inches can be expected in some parts of New England and New York. Luckily, for the states that were hit with winter storms just a few weeks ago, they will not be undergoing anymore harsh conditions. Ohio, Illinois, New York, and New England are the states that are expected to be hit the hardest by Electra. Ohio Valley – Great Lakes:Sleet and freezing rain will make its way through Kansas, Arkansas, and Illinois on Friday. This can make for slippery overpasses, slick roads, and dangerous road conditions throughout these states. Heavy snow conditions will not start until late Friday night and into Saturday morning. Moderate snow accumulations of up to 3-5 inches are expected for parts of southern Michigan, central Illinois, Ohio, and possibly western Pennsylvania. Saturday morning, the snow will continue and will make for difficult travel along many of the interstate highways. From there, the snow will taper off in those areas and start to head towards the Northeast, but parts of Northern Michigan and the Upper Peninsula will still receive heavy snowfall. The cities that are predicted to get hit the hardest in the Midwest are St. Louis, Cleveland, and Detroit.Northeast:Snow accumulations are not expected to reach the northeastern part of the states until later Saturday evening. New York City, Hartford, and Boston are expected to receive the most snow out of those states. Sleet or freezing rain may also be added to the mix for states such as New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. Luckily, major ice accumulations are not in the forecast for these states. There is still a possibility of minor icing on trees, bridges, and overpasses. Come Sunday morning, the low pressure will intensify along the coast and precipitation could change from snow to cold rain. Included in this prediction are New Jersey, Long Island, and New England. Heavy snow will spread north and northeastward into New England.On Sunday morning, the largest accumulations of snow will be located above New England and Upstate New York. Towards the evening hours the snow will taper off and begin to head eastward into parts of Canada. The heaviest snowfall, likely to be up to 12 inches, is most likely from northern Pennsylvania to central, eastern and Upstate New York into New England. Also, northern and western Massachusetts, Boston, and Pennsylvania are looking at large amounts of accumulation. Snowfall of over a foot is expected in this area. It is important to be prepared for any type of dangerous weather conditions that may be headed your way. It is also a good idea to stay off the roads if you can when there is large amounts of snow and ice on the road, making for dangerous road conditions.

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