Jarvis Team Prepares To Assist Commercial Property Owners From Damages Caused By Hurricane Matthew

The disaster recovery team from Jarvis is working around the clock coordinating resources from regional offices in preparation of Hurricane Matthew which is bearing down on Florida and the Carolina's heading into the weekend. Governors in North and South Carolina have already called for a state of emergency, and Florida was busy calling up their national guard with the potential for a major hurricane to strike the eastern portion of the state growing in probability as the storm systems works north from Cuba through the Bahamas into the weekend. 

Jarvis Specializes In Helping Business Owners Recover From Hurricane and Storm Damage

Jarvis Property Restoration is one of the largest privately held property restoration companies in the United States, with several regional offices in the states of Michigan, Iowa and Florida. The company has been helping property owners recover from water damage and fire damage disasters for almost 40 years.  Jarvis has worked extensively in large loss disaster recovery helping restore hospitals, hotels, restaurants, government offices, schools, universities,  retail and office buildings following hurricane Sandy as recently as 2012. The company has a large inventory of commercial grade generators and large desiccant de-humidifers capable of drying properties in excess of one million square feet. 

Jarvis Team Prepares To Assist Commercial Property Owners From Damages Caused By Hurricane Matthew - Review our news, articles and insight  - hurricane_matthew 

To schedule priority service, call 866-452-7847 and the disaster recovery team from Jarvis will work to coordinate any cleanup and recovery efforts once the storm has safely passed through the area.



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