Ikea store under water, Jarvis emergency services deployed

All across the Southeastern Michigan, television and print media have been reporting today that Ikea in Canton is closed due to flooding. Jarvis Property Restoration responded to help with water damage restoration. Emergencies are never planned, and retail stores can ill afford to close their doors, especially during peak holiday season. Unfortunately customers who visited the Metro Detroit area Ikea learned today that the store would likely be closed for at least the next twenty four hours.

ikea jarvis trucks photo
It appears that the stores sprinkler system malfunctioned during the early morning hours. The three hundred thousand square foot complex experienced significant water damage, originating from the second floor. Jarvis emergency crews arrived early in the morning and began extracting water and establishing a plan to thoroughly and efficiently dry down the retail store. Working in conjunction with the store management and code supervisors, the team immediately began working to minimize damages.Ikea is one of the worlds largest specialty retail stores. The retailer was founded by Ingvar Kamprad, out of Sweden over sixty years ago. Today, the company operates over three hundred retail stores across the world. Their highly recognizable brand has helped them create a loyal customer base that often leads to customers driving hundreds of miles to visit one of their locations. Shoppers who were turned away in Michigan due to the unexpected flood will need to travel to Pittsburg PA, Westchester Oh, Toronto ON or shop on the companies website.
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Jarvis Property Restoration is a Michigan based emergency restoration firm, founded over thirty years ago by Sheryl and Bill Jarvis. The company has worked extensively in disaster restoration including playing a pivotal role in helping to restore over 28 government buildings following severe flooding in Lynn County, Iowa after the Cedar River flooded the area.The following media outlets have been following the developing news story.WDIV - Channel 4 DetroitMSNBCHometown LifeWXYZ - Channel 7 DetroitDetNewsM-LIVE

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