How To Recover From Smoke Damage

Smoke damage can be hard on your property, and it only gets worse if it's left untreated. Smoke damage is like the gift that keeps on taking from the stability of your property. The longer the smoke damage lingers, the higher your restoration costs will be. 

What's Happening to Your Property

Smoke carries with it a lot of residual particles, and the soot will settle immediately. It can cause a discoloration of anything porous, which will unfortunately be a permanent change. You may have to refinish the wood in your home, including the floor. You may start to see the metal in your home rust due to the smoke damage. Paint on the walls tends to take on a yellowish coloring. Clothing in particular may be extremely difficult to rescue from smoke damage. However, there are other surfaces that you can clean before the stain sets in to hopefully save it from ruin.

What You Can Do to Recover 

No matter what happens to your property, your body has to come first. Don't expose yourself to anything that you may regret. Other than that, bring in fans to air out the room from dust and dirt as soon as they can be safely used. There are professional soot sponges that may help your property, or even basic soap and water. Start cleaning at the ceiling and then come down, and make sure you clean inside the cabinets and the drawers.

Use an industrial vacuum instead of your home one for better results, and change the filter a lot. Make sure that the vacuum has a really good filtration system, otherwise you risk pushing the dust back into the air. Use alkaline cleaners whenever possible as they neutralize the acid that is found in soot. You can also seek out cleaners who specialize in removing soot. All of the exterior walls should also be cleaned with a water house.

If you have smoke damage and need help, contact the team at Jarvis Property Restoration today. From flooding services to water damage cleanup, we can help.

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