Heavy Rainfall Causes Flash Flooding in Texas Over The Weekend

Flash flooding swept through the Austin, TX area late this weekend after up to 12 inches of rain fell in just a 12 hour period. The flooding closed roadways, sparked rescues and canceled many events. Weather forecasts are calling for more rain over the next few days which is causing people in the Austin area and other parts of central Texas to be very nervous. There were many water rescues performed Sunday across the Austin area. Water rose to over 27 feet in a mobile home community in one subdivision south of the city. The city's very popular Zilker Park was turned into nothing more than swampland and all of Austin's walking trails were shut down due to flooding. The last day of the infamous Austin City Limits Music Festival was canceled Sunday due to rain and thunderstorms. Residents in parts of Sunset Valley outside Austin took shelter at City Hall after having to be rescued from their flooded homes. A total of about 2 dozen flood victims spent the night in the makeshift shelter as they waited for the rain to subside so they could hopefully return to their homes to see what damages had occurred. Sunset Valley was the bullseye when it came to central Texas rain totals. That community got 12.2 inches or rain overnight Saturday, forcing the evacuation of several homes and catching nearly everyone completely off-guard. Some residents of Sunset Valley reported going to bed Saturday night and waking up to water lapping at their doors. One woman who lived near a creek in Sunset Valley said she awoke early to look out her window to see that her vehicle parked in the driveway was under water. One Sunset Valley couple tried to make it across the flooded Lone Oak Trail drive but didn't make it as their car was quickly overcome by water. Luckily, two police officers were able to break out the back window and pull the frightened pair out. Heavy earth-moving equipment and dump trucks had to be used to clean up mud and flood debris from many roadways in South Austin. With forecasters calling for more rain through the middle of this week, officials in Austin are worried because the additional water will have very little place to run off as the ground in the area is completely saturated.

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