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Dallas Fort Worth Hit By Several Tornadoes Causing Major Damage

Major tornado damage is being reported in the Dallas and Fort Worth Texas region today (Lancaster) following several large and powerful tornadoes. The tornado was first reported near the Dallas and Ellis County line and news reports captured several images of large funnel clouds traveling in a North Eastern trajectory through the region. The large tornados which can be seen at MSNBC captured the large tornado, including several schools and power transformers can be seen in the background as the storm system moves.
tornado in the dallas fort worth region
Most of the damage is being reported in Southern Dallas, County...this is a developing story, the Jarvis National Disaster team is monitoring the news in conjunction with our partners and affiliates for assistance in board up, roof tarps and structure stabilization in the Dallas Fort Worth region.CBS local out of the Dallas Fort Worth area has a live feed and report of news from the area, that is being updated instantaneously here:MSNBC has updated video coverage of the Tornado which shows semi truck trailers flying through the air, the Tornado was confirmed to have touched down north of I20 between Lancaster and Bonaventure roads.
picture of tractor trailer flying from a tornado

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The Dallas Forth Worth area is under a Tornado advisory until 8pm this evening with the strong possibility that additional tornadoes could generate late this afternoon. The Northern Texas area will be under a severe weather advisory, and property owners are being urged to use extreme caution before re-entering their properties due to fallen power lines and the potential for falling debris.

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