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Wet Document Repair & Restoration

Almost all commercial and most residential clean-up projects will require some type of document restoration. Damaged paper quickly deteriorates, so a timely and appropriate document drying procedure is necessary to stabilize these items. We can quickly asses the damage and implement a plan of action to minimize future damage and work towards restoring your documents. Our certified technicians use special cleaning and drying chambers to help prevent mold growth, paper separation and other potential damage. Critical materials such as x-rays, microfilm or audio/visual media equipment can be cleaned on site or inventoried and cleaned in our document restoration facility. We have the resources to use state of the art freeze drying, as well as conventional dehumidification drying and restoration.

document freeze drying in controlled atmospheric chambers

We have extensive experience restoring debris, soot or water damaged documents. Following Hurricane Sandy, Katrina, Irene and Tropical Storm Lee, we played a key role restoring numerous corporate and government office's documents. We can provide a free phone consultation, in most cases thoroughly explaining the process of repairing and restoring your damaged documents, call 1-866-452-7847 anytime.flood damage book photo water damaged book photos

Document Freeze Drying - Water Damaged Document Restoration Experts

 In cases of severe water damage we may utilize a process of freeze drying the documents, to speed up the process of removing water from the materials. Every document water damage situation needs to be evaluated differently, as we use a number of methodologies in saving and restoring documents. Our disaster restoration team has extensive experience with document drying and restoration from fire or water damage disasters. Whether you have a small personal loss caused by a home fire or flood, or manage a medical office and have charts, files and films that need to be restored from a major catastrophe, our team of experts can handle any size job. We have the capability to mobilize during major disasters and use state of the art equipment to ensure your documents are restored to your satisfaction.

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Our Process InvolvesThoroughly review damaged materials to create appropriate plan for cleaningInventory documents during pack outClean and dry documents in our restoration facilityHomeowner Tips

  • Do not attempt to recover documents that may be contaminated with bacteria or waste water, allow a professional to handle this process
  • Never walk into a flood zone without ensuring the electricity has been appropriately dismantled
  • Attempting to use a blow dryer could further damage your paper products

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